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leading news station, this is news4 at 6:00. >> tonight the beltway triple play. the redskins, nats and os all in action. i'm jim rosenfield. we have team coverage of all the games. darcy spence ser watching with the fans but we begin with carol maloney live at fedexfield and carol all this excitement kind of came to a screeching halt after that scary moment involving rg3. is he okay? >> reporter: he's okay. did he not go to the hospital after leaving the stadium. that's good news. the nats have work to do in st. louis and we will get to them in just a bit.
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multitasking gone on here in the sports world. first, there's a lot of hand wringing at fedexfield after what happened to robert griffin iii in the third quarter he went out with a mild concussion. he was wearing his pink arm band in support of breast cancer awareness month. game tied at 7. third and goal for the skins. griffin can't find an open guy. scrambles to avoid the sack and he's hit hard by sean weatherspo weatherspoon. griffin was slow getting up, dazed after suffering a mild concussion. kirk cousins, second drive, hooks up with santana moss, and he's got him. he gets behind the "d" and goes 77 yards for the score. first career td for kous sincco. under three to play. michael "the burner" turner finds a big hole and runs 13
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yards for got-ahead score. falcons win, 24-17, but more importantly, everyone holding their breath about the loss of rg3. >> wasn't sure what quarter it was in the third quarter, so at that time when he went sure what the score was, what quarter it was, we knew he had a mild concussion, at least according to the doctors. he feels good right now, a lot better right now, but that was the situation, why he didn't go back into the game. >> all right. now to the other story in st. louis. the cardinals hosting the nats for game one of the nlds. scoreless top two, suzuki at the dish. facing adam wainwright. he deliver that is base hit. adam laroche would score. nats take a 1-0 lead. bottom of the inning, gonzalez struggles, four walks and a wild pitch in the frame. bases loaded sac fly by john jay. daniel descalso.
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right now it is still 2-0 heading into the eighth. so dan helly is in st. louis and he will have a full report after sunday night football. meantime the o's and yankees are about to get under way. we have crews in baltimore covering the first playoff game in the last 15 years. can you believe it? it's been a long time for them. a lot going on, but for redskins fans coming up later in sports, we're going to have a full update on rg3's condition. for now back to you guys. >> carol, thanks. our team coverage continues this evening in northwest washington where darcy spencer's live at duffy's irish pubs where the fans have been watching all the different games on the different television sets. >> reporter: there are some serious nats fans here at this sports bar. we're talking a couple in here actually got engaged at the stadium earlier this year. it's true, the nats are done, but they're not out, and these fans are optimistic. duffy's irish pub is a local fan favorite to watch the opening
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game of the washington nationals journey into the postseason. >> very good for business and just fun to hang out. it's been so long since d.c. has had a good bage teseball team. great to see the reaction of the fans. >> reporter: a chance to root for the hometown team hasn't come very often. it's the first post-season play for washington baseball team in nearly 80 years. >> this team has done so well this year. they pulled it out at every possible opportunity, and couldn't be more excited to see them in the playoffs. >> i'm here to watch history in the making, my friends. this is the most unique thing i have seen in this town. >> i'm here to get my natitude ignited. the first nationals playoff game in 79 years. this is an unbelievable experience. >> reporter: the nats are slated to play a five-game series a series that will bring them home on wednesday. >> it's really excited to have some very meaningful baseball in october because this is -- we're usually all checked out by then.
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>> reporter: this is what fans have been waiting for since the nationals came to washington in 2005. some fans, let's just say, they're a little more diehard than others. >> we actually got engaged at nationals park right before the season, so we like to think of ourselves as a good luck charm. >> if they win today, we might take credit. >> reporter: so the natitude has been ignited as one fan said. still hoping for a win today and looking forward to the hometown play on wednesday. reporting live from northwest washington, darcy spencer, news4. >> i see the tarp is over the field outside the bar there, darcy. thanks. nats fans can follow the team's entire journey through the nlds and hopefully beyond at we have an entire section devoted to their playoff run. just search keyword nats. some people spent this cold, rainy day running a half marathon. thousands ran 13.1 miles bright and early this morning. not so bright though. the race started out in mt. vernon and took runners down the gw parkway across the wilson
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bridge and over the finish line at national harbor. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here. will it be more of the same for the start of the workweek is the question, chuck? >> luckily, a lot of people don't even have to go to work tomorrow because of columbus day, but those who have to go to work will be off to a dry start on your monday, but the rest of your sunday evening promises to be cold and damp outside. current temperatures are hovering barely above the 50 degree morning in many neighborhoods. 51 at national airport. that's our coldest temperature of the fall season so far, and here it is on storm 4 doppler. the rain isn't all that heavy, light and moderate at times. it is right over camden yards in baltimore. they may have a little bit of a rain delay to get that game under way, but it won't last all night long, and once the skies clear out after midnight for a brief time, a chance for some frost out to the west of the blue ridge. so cold and wet now, cold and just damp by 9:00, 10:00. skies clearing ou as we aim
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towards midnight. you may get a peek of sunshine tomorrow morning before more rain drops come in. we'll talk about that coming up. an alexandria man makes a startling discovery, to say the least, early this morning. a dead body outside his home. news4's derrick ward spoke to police about what led to the murder. >> reporter: a quiet neighborhood in alexandria, an idyllic fall scene in suburbia, but the predawn darkness brought a real horror to this community, a homeowner awakens to find a man dead on his doorstep. police were called with a report of some sort of disturbance. >> we received a call this morning around 2:00 in the morning where our victim was found in the 5400 block of broadmoor street in the alexandria area. >> reporter: police identified the victim as 30-year-old mark earl ives. there's not a lot of information about the cause of debt. >> trauma to the upper body is the death i can tell you. >> reporter: sources tell news4 the victim appeared to have a wound to his head.
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police say they do not believe there's a cause for concern among others in the community. >> our early investigation, we believe that the suspect in this case is actually an acquaintance of our victim. >> reporter: what that relationship is has not been released by authorities. in alexandria, derrick ward, news4. new details tonight on the deadly meningitis outbreak. the pharmacy that distributed the steroid has voluntarily recalled all of its products now. the new england compounding center says the move is just a precaution. there are now 90 confirmed cases of fungal meningitis spanning nine states. seven people have died, including one person in maryland and another in virginia. still ahead tonight, fallout from the stuart o'reilly rumble. what event organizers are doing after much of the country couldn't see the debate online last night. plus, one person is dead after a brawl breaks out at a wedding party. another step for the future of space travel launches
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venezuelan president hugo chavez is facing his most serious challenge yet after 14 years in power. voter turnout was high for venezuela's election today. chavez has ramped up government control of his economy and limited dissent among his opponents. his challenger is promising reform. there's concern a close election could lead to fraud and a violent reaction from voters.
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engineers are making last-minute preparations to launch a private rocket into space. later tonight california based spacex will attempt to send an unmanned cap actual to the international space station. it did a similar mission back in may. this time it will stay there for much of october as astronauts conduct experiments. liftoff is scheduled for 8:35 tonight from florida's cape canaveral. well, wedding day is supposed to be one to remember, and in philadelphia it was memorable for all the wrong reasons after a fight broke out at the reception. plus, will this cold, dreary weather continue through the week? chuck is back with the forecast coming up next. let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs
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when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy
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means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. president obama landed in los angeles about an hour ago. he's there to raise big money from celebrity supporters. he will speak at a con skert at the nokia theater where bon jovi, stevie wonder, and katy perry perform. tonight he'll speak at a $25,000 per person fund-raising dinner. that's $25,000 a person. the obama campaign is looking to build on his record-breaking month. the campaign raised $181 million in september. mitt romney wrapping up a
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three-day campaign swing through florida where he spoke to a crowd of 12,000 today in port st. lucie. romney talked about last week's debate and said the president struggled because he can't defend his record. he's already seeing a bounce from his debate performance. a new rasmussen poll shows romney leading president obama by two machine points in that battleground state. a wedding celebration takes a violent turn. a massive brawl broke out between two wedding parties at a hotel bar in philadelphia. youtube video shows a chaotic scene in which guests are seen fighting with police. four people were arrested. a 57-year-old wedding guest, reportedly the uncle of the bride, suppered a heart attack. he was taken to a hospital but pronounced dead a short time later. was it a rumble or a fumble. two of tv's biggest personalities debated politics while most of the audience at
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home couldn't watch it. it was a hit for those who did see it at george washington university, but video servers crashed because of overwhelming demand. viewers who paid $5 to stream the debate online took to twitter when they couldn't connect. organize verse apologized. they have offered refunds to subscribers who had problems or they're saying you can go back online and watch it in its entirety. you saw a lot of that there last night, the spinning -- >> i saw that at your desk. >> exactly. >> and you just kept clicking on something going why isn't this working. >> i thought it was operator error but for once it wasn't my fault. >> i like the twitter thing, have you tried unplugging the server and plugging it back in. >> big problem. >> beautiful day outside yesterday. >> i was going to ask today? >> today not so much. yesterday was iced coffee and today was hot coffee requirements outside. cloudy c y skies rolled back in. and rain showers moved back in. it was a cold day to be outside what you needed was some three-alarm chili. down on pennsylvania avenue, a
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little taste of washington, d.c. ben's chili bowl, looks like that's one of the carts down there. nothing like three-alarm chili on a day like today. the rain drops eased up from time to time. we only had 0.5 of an inch in downtown but the rain has restarted here about the last hour and a half ago. 52 now at national airport. winds out of the west averaging 8 miles per hour and temperatures are cold out there. upper 40s to around 50 degrees areawide. 48 in cumberland, maryland. 52 in fredericksburg. as you make your plans to get outside and enjoy your evening, cold and wet tonight. the rain will be tapering off after 9:00 tonight. here is your monday planner, a cold and dry start in the morning. 40s in town but frost advisories out for you folks in the shenandoah valley. highs struggling into the low 50s tomorrow and a chance tor rain showers late tomorrow. tomorrow's baseball game also in
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st. louis. first pitch at 4:30. clear skies and cool for the nats and the cardinals for game two tomorrow night out in st. louis. for us, immediate concern, frost advisories for paferts of the shenandoah valley and the mountains of west virginia. here are the last of the rain drops for the evening. a little wet for the orioles and yankees. may have a little rain delay issue from time to time but the rain should be coming to an end fairly quickly. our next chance of showers tomorrow is coming through arkansas now. we'll be keeping a close eye on that. the drops are coming to an end this evening. it will be dry after midnight. the clearing sky will allow for some frost out to the west. 30s and 40s tonight. then tomorrow breaks of sunshine early but then clouds come right back in on us and a chance for some sprinkles and very light rain late tomorrow. here is the seven-day forecast. rain chances tomorrow very light at the end of the day. staying chilly through tuesday. then the sunshine comes back wednesday, thursday, and friday. and looks like it may last all the way into next weekend. so cold and wet for a little while longer and things get a
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whole lot more october-like. >> 57 for tomorrow. >> yeah. >> okay. wear a coat. >> coming up in sports, the nats kicking off the nlds in st. louis and also that painful loss for rg3 and the redskins.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> one of those days when the sportscaster needs a third eye. >> no kidding. of producers to keep an eye on the game. carol maloney is live at fedexfield where we watched rg3 take that hit. we're glad to hear he's going ob to be okay. >> reporter: the redskins are reeling after the loss and knowing he was hurt today. we're going to have an update on his status in a bit. we want to start with the nationals. their rolling into the postseason. it's the nats and the cards, game one of the nlds. nats outscored 28-10 by the cardinals in the serieses a week ago. kurt suzuki, he steps up. he's named kurt clech f ed kurt
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reason. in the bottom of the second gonzalez has some command issues. three walks in the inning and then geo throws a wild witch. molina scores to tie it at one right here. they would take a 2-1 lead on john jay's sac fly later in the game. top of eight, tyler moore hits one dropping into right. two score on this play and puts the nats on top, up 3-2. right now we have the same count late in the eighth inning. >> o's o's and yankees doing battle as we speak. we will have team coverage on the late news. the redskins had their hands full with the atlanta falcons. the good news is rg3 is home tonight. they will have tests this week. they're saying it was a mild concussion. let's show you how the redskins did today. this game started out so promising. london fletcher getting the
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defense pumped up before the game, and you know what? it worked. tough task facing the falcons qb. we have ryan on ryan qb crime. returns it 28 yards for the score. his second career touchdown. red kins up 7-0. third quarter, skins with third and goal. rg3 can't find an open receiver so he takes off and is hit hard as he was trying to slide out of bounds. he would leave the game. again, a mild concussion. coach shanahan said griffin didn't know the quarter or the score. he got back up but didn't return. next man up, the other rookie qb, kirk cousins. the fourth-round pick on his second drive. third and nine. he hooks up with santana moss for a 77-yard scoring strike. the first career td for cousins. he's loving it. skins take a 17-14 lead. but back come the falcons. under three to play, tied at 17.
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big hole for michael turner who runs in for a 13-yard game-winning touchdown. skins fall 24-17. so disappointing, but robert griffin iii, he left the game with a con kecussion and his teammates say he'll be okay. >> i talked to him but he said he's cool. i know how this league is when it comes to tough hits and hits like than owe a quarterback, you have to examine them and make sure they're cool. he gave me the heads up that he was all right. you just really don't want to see him have to leave that way. >> i was hoping he stepped out of bounds. i don't like people hitting my quarterback, so, you know, but it is football. it's a physical game. when it did happen, i was kind of worried. i prayed for him. hope for the best. >> it's rough, especially with all the running and whatnot he does. that play he was on the sideline. it wasn't really much more to be gained. he could have just stepped out of bounds. for it to happen on that play, it's disheartening. that's the nfl. if he can't get out there, kirk is going to have to step up there. >> that's football, playing
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quarterback. while we did score a touchdown early, i wasn't letting myself get too high. after throwing two picks i'm not going to let myself get too low. you have to stay centered and i will continue to do that. >> one other game from around the league, ravens visiting the chiefs. not much scoring in this one. third quarter tied at 3. matt cassel with the keeper. scoops it up, bringing it out, goes 13 yards on the return. baltimore ball at the 12. two plays later, ravens take advantage. joe flacco throwing a strike to bolden, and bolden is making some things happen. 46 yards on the play, leads to a field goal. ravens win it. look at this low score, 9-6. ravens now 4-1 on the season. and that is the end of our sports segment but only the beginning of our day, jim.
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more on the redskins, nationals, orioles on the late news. you will want to stay up for redskins final where we will give you tons of coverage on all three big sports events in our area. >> as chuck and i were talking about that hit on rlg 3, it was a clean hit but you hate to see his head hit like that so hard. they do tests on him at the beginning of the week and we'll know later this week whether he's good to go, right? >> that's the update. everybody was very optimistic, but they said they're going to run some tests. a little bit like robinson. remember last week in the pregame warm-ups. and he played. it will be a little bit like that. we're keeping our fingers
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